The joy of introducing us

While fire, water, wind, earth and sky are the five indispensable aspects of our environment, Gulshan Homz calls quality, faith, professionalism, truthfulness and passion as the five element of its blueprint.

Some may term them as our building blocks, we call them our raison d'être, or to put it simply - our very essence of existence.

Foundation, Rock Solid

And it is this foundation laid by our Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, that Gulshan Homz has stood rock solid for more than 30 years. The foresightedness of Mr. Nagpal has helped the company envision and improvise its skills. No wonder then, today our structures speak for themselves and our future looks bright with a number of premium projects already in the market.

Fire helps reshape


Water makes us have


Nature maintains


Wind keeps us


Our commitment makes us


Mark Of Excellence

While many just leave it at words, we practice every little syllable. Gulshan Homz is your stamp of excellence, an organisation of invaluable experience and a company that boasts of honesty morals, integrity, transparency and ethics.

With a sustainable vision to pass on Green Environment and prosperous cities to the future generation of our children, Gulshan Homz has been able to lead the market in doing so.

It is just not the customers, critics and competitors who are all praise for us, but even the industry is applauding Gulshan Homz with awards and recognitions to since 2008. They range from the “Emerging Developer of the year – Residential” by Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2012 to GC Grand of Gulshan Homz being awarded “The Most Luxurious Project of the Year 2010” by Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2010.

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Why Gulshan Homz

At Gulshan Homz, we fervently believe in constructing every home as if it was our own. Our foundation is deep rooted by four grand pillars exemplifying Length, Breadth, Height, and Passion. We have created a construction manual that outlines what we need to do at every stage of the development process – thereby, ensuring we maintain timelines and standardized quality at each step. The years have seen us grow, bloom and thrive in our luxurious living spaces that stand synonymous with state of the art luxury lifestyle.

The Perfection

We are perfectionists and obsessed with design and aesthetics. We make sure to add a bit of us in everything - from the coffee mugs and pencils in our office to our constructions. Dynamic and spirited in the making, we aim to rise above established heights and transform the skyline of Delhi/NCR with innovation, creativity, and professionalism.

The Guarantee

'No compromise' – a philosophy we adhere to religiously. Each aspect of Gulshan Homz epitomizes the promise of quality and is meticulously planned, right down to the minutest details, so that you always feel satisfied with your home. In addition, our decision-making process is based on practical analysis rather than cost analysis – which means, we'll sell a home only if we think it's the best.

The Responsibility

We also pride ourselves on being responsible for fulfilling commitments and delivering projects on time. Before a family gets possession of their new home, we guarantee - they'll have all the listed amenities to indulge in. We as a team of strategic thinkers with pronounced academic backgrounds and industry experience, work to piece the puzzle together while you walk in and start living the Gulshan life.

Why Gulshan Homz? Because our reputation can be aptly summarized in two words
– Responsible. Reliable.


At Gulshan Homz, every structure is conceived in four dimensions

  • Length of support
  • Breadth of experience
  • Height of faith
  • Passion for building


Our undying mission is to excel through Quality, Product Innovation, Technology and Up-gradation. And our eternal creed is our commitment to customers and their continual satisfaction.


To be the leader in its product line and provide unparalleled real estate services to the community.

Core Values

  • Giving top priority to customer satisfaction through relentless efforts to provide better services.
  • Meeting delivery timelines would be our way of valuing the customers.
  • Fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
  • Striving for excellence in our work, and adhering faithfully to the highest ethical and technical standards of our profession and business.
  • Providing good and safe working environment to all employees.
  • Providing the equal opportunity of employment and best use of human talent.
  • Encouraging the involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work and appreciating their work and success.