Meet The Gulshan Family- Gulshan's Group


A force of vivacious professionals, inspirational in every sense of the word, consistently striving towards the same cause – perfection.

Developing each project with heart and soul, here’s our core team.

Mr. Gulshan Nagpal

A leader who leads by example, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, the Founder of Gulshan Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way from constructing luxurious bungalows to creating living landmarks. Besides being a maverick in Real Estate, he is also a compassionate humanitarian, known for incorporating honesty and ethical values to his working style, which are proof of his personal and professional integrity.

Mr. Deepak Kapoor

An idealist at heart and perfectionist in practice, Mr. Kapoor brings unprecedented efficiency and credibility to the Gulshan basket. More than just overlooking, he essentially masterminds Sales, Construction and Marketing strategies with enviable flair. Both, within and outside the organization, he defines what it means to be a professional.

Ms. Yukti Nagpal

The emerging new face of an emerging new Gulshan, Ms. Nagpal announces the arrival of a new creed of Real Estate stalwarts. She brings spirited ambition and a fresh new arsenal of ideas to the table, and her brand of zest and talent inspires many within the organization. The baton of the brand, truly is, in the best-suited hands.

“Today we are shaping the buildings, so they can shape our tomorrow!”

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