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Choosing The Right Project: Features that are important

If you are looking for a home, comfort, style, and luxury should all come together to make sure you and your family can make the best of memories. Today, many housing projects come with lots of amenities which work as add-ons in your life.

Small shopping complexes, spas, sauna, and other such features play as much of an important role in finalizing a property as its location. If you are looking at Noida Expressway flat, do consider several other amenities and services in the project before locking the deal.

Read on to know more about features that add significant value to a project

24*7 Video Surveillance

One of the most important features of a housing project is 24*7 surveillance. Better real estate projects like Gulshan Botnia today come with CCTV cameras as well. It enables security and will give you a sense of comfort and safety for your family and loved ones.

24*7 video surveillance


In most high-rise projects, lifts are a necessity. Elevators are also important if you have elders or children in your family. Fire safety exits and properly maintained staircases are other important features to look for while finalizing a property.

Lifts are a necessity

Clubs & Spas

If you want a convenient lifestyle, clubs and spas in the community are a must, just like in the luxury project Ikebana by Gulshan. This will not only help you in socializing with your neighbors, friends, and families but also ensure a good lifestyle for your family members.

Actual Image of Gulshan Ikebana Clubhouse

Swimming Pools

Who does not like lying around the water every once in a while? Think poolside barbecues, pool parties and lots of water fun with your children and friends. Swimming is also a good exercise to stay fit.

Swimming Pool At Ikebana

Recreational Area & Gym

Most luxury property projects come with their own recreational areas and health centers. It is important for your children to have a place to themselves where they can hang out with fellow kids.

Recreational indoor areas come with their own board games, pool tables, and other things, which are important in socializing and making friends. A gym or other health center will help you and your family members stay in shape.

Ikebana Recreational Area

Greenery & Parks

Lush green grounds around your flat is a must to lead a peaceful and healthy life. Add to that jogging tracks, kitchen gardens and parks for morning yoga, and you have on your hands the formula to lead a happy and healthy life. So, look out for these features for sure while settling down on a property.

All the above factors should play an important role in your decision to buy a flat. With all these features and more, Gulshan Botnia could be the home you’ve always dreamt of! After all, a house is a big investment and you want to make the best of it.

Lush green grounds lead to a peaceful and healthy life
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