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How Gulshan is Contributing to a Better Planet

As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Similarly, when it comes to conservation of natural resources, we all have to pitch in as much as possible, in whichever way we can.

Gulshan believes in this philosophy, which is why we joined hands with an organization working in the field of recycling and conservation, “Waste Roots”, under our recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

This project tackles the issue of pollution and urbanization as well as waste disposal. As conscious and responsible citizens of the country, and contributing members to the society, we understand our duty towards our fellow people. Which is why green and sustainable living is something we all at Gulshan aspire to practice.

Old Newspapers for Plants

Under our CSR project, we organized a little event at one of our residential spaces in Noida. We, along with Waste Roots, collected old newspapers from the people living at Gulshan Ikebana and presented them with plants in pots instead. Residents of the building were informed about it and turned up in large numbers for this incredible initiative, making it a huge success.

This event was a way for us to bring together our residents, our clients as well as team members and work towards a cause that affects all of us. The event had a lot of happy, smiling families, children, couples and toddlers in attendance.

After all, who would want to miss the opportunity of getting plants in lieu of old newspapers to add a whiff of fresh air to their homes?

Why did we undertake this project?

The growing pollution in Delhi-NCR has been the cause of concern for many years now. Many of us want to keep plants in our homes, but sometimes are held back due to a lack of space. In this age of multi storeyed buildings and skyscrapers, it is essential to bring plants into your daily life, in your homes and take proper care of them.

Waste Roots came with the exciting plants for newspapers idea, which addresses so many issues we all face living in an urban environment and encourages green, healthy living. This event also ensured proper waste disposal of newspapers, notebooks and other things made of paper. Waste is, therefore, sent to registered recyclers than the regularly used landfills.

Recycling Paper and Spreading Greenery – both at once is surely a genius move! Such events do not only bring our residents closer with our teams and build better relationships but also help us give back to the society, which is what we aspired to do everyday at Gulshan.

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