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Lighting Ideas For Your New Home

While moving into your new home or renovating your current one, your choice of lighting and home decor can make or break the whole appearance of your new house.

What is notable is that home lighting options today will not only illuminate your home but add a whole new dimension to your humble (or not so humble!) abode. Your home lighting, therefore, is a very important part of your home décor.

Today, there are plenty of options out there for decorating your home, and therefore, there are ample chances of going wrong! Fret not, the following home décor tips will make you a pro at home lighting.

Living Room

The living room will be the center of socializing for your new house, so you can’t ignore its décor. Recessed lighting is a go-to for most living room needs, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can go for multiple light fixtures throughout the room. Chandeliers are a classic when it comes to large living rooms.


It makes sense to use multiple light sources for your bedroom. Experiment with mood lighting, floor lamps, and recessed lights. Do make sure that the colour of lighting compliments the tone of the paint in the room. If you like reading before you sleep, invest in good bedside lamps.


While skylights are a great option for making use of natural light to energize the look of the kitchen, consider options like under cabinet lighting too. Different types of pendant lights are also a classic when it comes to lighting up your kitchen.


You can’t go wrong with scones when it comes to bathroom lighting. Choose the style which works best for you. Bathroom chandeliers are another great line of options that are making an entry in the bathroom lighting scene for all the right reasons. Give them a try!

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