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Luxury Apartment Checklist

Here is your checklist for buying your dream luxury apartment

Amongst the most significant investments that we make in our lifetime is a home, and since it is only natural that we want to provide the best to our families, practical luxury apartments are gaining immense popularity of late. Mostly, luxury apartments come with world-class facilities and top building material. However, it is still important to have a sort of checklist that can help you while settling for the “house of your dreams”.

Read on to know in detail about all the points you can keep in mind while looking for your luxury apartment

Picturesque views

When investing in a luxury property, make it a point to ensure green surroundings. It is extremely important to live in healthy, natural and beautiful settings nowadays. With increasing pollution and stress of the daily life, your future home has to become your sanctuary through everything. Picturesque views from your balcony and lush greenery around the apartment are a great way to ensure you can relax and let your hair down while at home.

Building Amenities

Mostly luxury apartments come with societies or buildings with world class amenities. A spa, gym, club, and swimming pool are basic requirements while looking for a luxurious apartment. Power back-up, spacious and personal parking space, and dedicated entrance lobbies are also a must while choosing the house of your dreams. It is extremely important to look for societies or projects which already have provisions for such amenities.

Great location

Nothing can emphasize the importance of an adequately located house. If you are working, your residence should ideally be within close proximity to your office. For example, people working at offices located around Noida expressway find it easier to travel if they have a Sector 144 property. Such strategic locations help you in getting to office easier, saving on long commute hours, which means you can spend that time with family. Metro and other public transport options should also be located within easy reach.

Top-of-the-class quality

If you are investing in a luxury apartment, make sure everything is accounted for. The interiors of the house, tiling, flooring, plumbing, hardware used – all the detailing should be top notch. Do your research properly and focus your attention on the quality of materials used. Vitrified tiles, PVC piping, modular kitchens, hardwood panels, and mesh or sliding doors along with granite countertops, ceramic tiles and RCC structure, everything that goes in building your house matters and should be vetted properly.

Safety and Security

In today’s world, nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family. When investing in your luxury apartment, make sure it is a gated society. CCTV cameras, 24*7 electronic surveillance, video door phones, a strict security check; these are small details which can help you and your family be safer in your apartment. It is more than fair expectation to want a luxury apartment that makes you feel secure from any criminal activity or intrusion.

Only a few properties clear all the checkboxes listed above. One such example is Gulshan Botnia. These luxury apartments are not just comfortable and beautiful, but they are also conveniently located. Book an appointment today to take a tour of the property!

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