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Remedial Steps by Noida Authority for Landfill Site at Sector 145

Noida city’s new landfill site sits at sector 145 in Mubarakpur village, where the government has approved a tender of Rs. 18 crore to set up a waste remediation plant by a Korean company. This great news should bring relief to all Noida residents, who have been worried about the increasing pollution in the city as well as the neglect that the authorities and citizens were showing towards waste management.

What is waste management?

As you might know, waste management is about collecting, transporting, storing, treating and disposing of different household and otherwise waste materials in an industry-plant like setting. Treatment styles of different waste products are different, however, a big concern is to remove or neutralize all contaminants so no harm is done.

Why waste management is important?

With a lot of people living in one city, comes a lot of waste. In the case of Noida, that waste was being dumped near sector 138 in the beginning. The site was then moved to sector 123, 54, back to 123 and finally to sector 145. However, all these sites were dumping grounds with no attention being paid to how the waste was treated. This practice did not only ruin the beauty of the city but also impacted the health of people living in the city.

And this is how the site at sector 145 is certainly different. The authorities have come up with a plan to set up a waste remediation plant which will produce Refuse Driven Fuel (RDF) at this site. The site will prioritize the safety and health of people above everything else.

Steps being taken by the Government?

#1 – To improve the waste management practice in Noida and ensure all temporary dumping sites are cleaned up, the government has come up with a plan of a regular door – to – door collection of waste from different localities and other places. A firm has been assigned to different residential societies which will collect all the waste divided into two categories – dry and slurry – and transport it to the treatment plant in Mubarakpur.

#2 – Waste Remediation Plant set up in Mubarakpur is going to take care of the waste collected in the city and treat it so it can be disposed of properly. The plant will work as per international standards, removing all the contaminants and using the landfill site to store the waste pellets.

This is only a temporary site…

These steps taken by the government have made sure no aesthetic or health damage is done to the landfill site or nearby places. Above all, the site is only a temporary choice, as the plant will be shifted to another place after some time.  So prospective real estate buyers can now leave behind all apprehensions and invest in the premium projects in this area to own their own home sweet home!

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