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Tips Before Buying a Vastu Compliant Home

With growing awareness, most buyers usually have a long checklist of things to validate when they decide to invest in a house.  Vastu compliance is a key factor that should not be ignored.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu science of architecture based on Hindu as well as Buddhist beliefs. The concept was formulated with the idea of integrating nature with architecture to ensure happiness, prosperity, and well-being of the residents.

Since Vastu for a house is based on scientific principles, it is always good to keep this aspect in mind while buying a house. In fact, most residential or commercial projects made by reputed buildersare already designed in compliance with Vastu principles, since they understand its importance from the perspective of buyers.

You needn’t be an expert in Vastu Shastra to check if the house’s structure is as per Vastu guidelines or not.

Just refer to the Vastu tips mentioned below to cross verify the Vastu compliance of your house:


Refer the Vastu Guidelines Below

  • House Entrance:The entrance of your house or apartment building should face the north or the northeast. The sun rays entering from the south and the west direction during the afternoon are harmful to health, hence these directions are not considered as good choices for the house entrance.
  • Kitchen: The house’s kitchen should preferably be positioned in the south-east corner, as this direction is governed by Aagneya, the fire element.
  • Kid’s room: Ideally the kid’s room should be in the north-east or the north-west part of the house. If possible, the windows should open in the north direction to prevent the harmful sun rays from entering the room.
  • Apartment Building: The play and garden areas should be towards the northern or eastern side of the block and the walls shouldn’t be painted in dark colors as they absorb more heat in that case.
  • House Ventilation: The most important aspect of Vastu for house is to have ample sunlight with proper ventilation. The house should be open and get ample sunlight and ventilation as claustrophobic and dark places attract germs and make the place smelly.
  • Washrooms: The south-west or the south corner of the flat is ideal to have washrooms as the wind blows from the north-east to the south-west. Wind blowing from the toilet to the living room can contaminate the atmosphere.
  • Apartment Center: The center of the apartment should receive ample light, hence closed spaces like kitchen and toilets shouldn’t be constructed there. This space is ideal for building a living room in the house.

Vastu Shastra ensures a balance between nature, architecture, and mankind. To buy the perfect home that is also Vastu compliant and ensures harmony, health and prosperity, visit any of the projects of Gulshan on Noida Expressway, viz. Gulshan Bellina, Gulshan Botnia, Gulshan Ikebana etc.,  and fall in love with the house of your dreams!

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