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Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Today?

Investing in Property is always the Best Option

Real estate, as an industry, has almost always offered people great returns on their investment. So, if you want to invest today, it is a wise decision as the realty industry in our country is changing for the better, especially from the customer’s perspective.

The returns are certainly on an upswing, more so with the government stepping in to ensure that the industry is institutionalised and regulated well. These changes are good news for customers since they translate into stable and constant returns for them in the future.


Here are some key factors why you should think of investing in real estate now:

Establishment of RERA


With RERA, the face of real estate is changing throughout the country. The regulatory authority controls and maintains standardized real estate transactions in India.

Apart from this, RERA also ensures project developers and builders are more accountable to customers. Such policies ensure that you, as a customer, have more of a buying power in the market. It also ensures a lesser number of scams and more transparent system.


Rise of subvention schemes

Today, builders are offering properties on subvention schemes more than ever before. This is good news for buyers who can now invest in properties without worrying about scams or losses.

  • A subvention scheme is when three parties – the buyer, builder/developer, and bank – come together in an agreement. You, as a buyer, can benefit from such schemes as you have to pay only 5% to 30% of the cost of the project upfront. The bank takes care of the rest of the capital by paying the builder directly in the form of a loan.
  • The good thing about subvention schemes is the fact that the project developer or builder pays the interest on capital to the bank till the construction is completed or you take possession of the property. This means that builders take special care of completing the project on time, else they have to pay large amounts of interest.

Improving State of Real Estate

Along with institutional changes in government policies and subvention schemes, the real estate market is also on an upswing owing to the development of new infrastructure projects and facilities such as metro connectivity, airports, healthcare facilities etc. in different Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities of the country.

High Demand for Inventory and Lower Supply leads to customers not getting the right choice of Apartment.

As a result of the aforesaid factors, you can be assured of good returns on your investment, if you invest in areas like Noida and Greater Noida. You can easily find luxury flats in these areas, especially on the Noida Expressway at a lower cost than usual, but with high returns in the future.

So why wait to invest in real estate, when NOW is clearly the best time to do so!

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