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Yukti Nagpal, Director Gulshan, on women in real estate

In an industry that has been dominated by men since time immemorial, Yukti Nagpal, the Director at Gulshan, is changing things through her meaningful contribution to the real estate industry.

Today, Yukti heads Gulshan in the sphere of Brand Management, with experience in developing successful Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Product Management, Companies push to Digital Media, etc.

#WomensDay special episode of The Property Show by MagciBricks, where Yukti Nagpal, Director #GulshanHomz speaks on the roles of women in #RealEstate Industry.

Yukti was working overseas in the San Francisco Bay Area after specializing in Marketing and had no plans of entering the real estate world but things changed after her father, the Founder of Gulshan, called her and asked her to carry forward the family legacy. For a father to look at an entrepreneur and a successful manager for a real estate company in one of his two daughters was the turning point and honor for Yukti.

Yukti felt like she did not even know the C of ‘Construction’ when she started the journey way back in 2013, and many women feel like they do not belong in the world of real estate but the Director of Gulshan view on women in real estate is truly one of inspiration, that will motivate many women to dream about being real estate entrepreneurs as well.

Many women, like Yukti, have had to work harder to prove their worth in their respective organizations.

Yukti feels that women should increasingly be a part of the real estate world. She believes,

“Women are natural homemakers and who can do a better job of turning a flat into a home than a woman?”

She feels that women have an inherent trait of empathy, which proves to be an asset for them in any professional setting, whether it is for colleagues, employers or any new women that are joining in. She adds that her own employees do not have to button up to her for anything because she sees right through them.

By introducing care and empathy that is lacking in the real estate world right now, Yukti is changing things for her company and the industry one day at a time. Her words about her own stint with real estate are truly inspiring,

“It wasn’t my first choice but, in the end, real estate chose me and I have been very happy with that.”

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