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Choosing The Right Project: Features that are important

If you are looking for a home, comfort, style, and luxury should all come together to make sure you and your family can make the best of mem [...]


Tips Before Buying a Vastu Compliant Home

With growing awareness, most buyers usually have a long checklist of things to validate when they decide to invest in a house. Vastu complia [...]


Misconceptions of Buying a Property in Noida

While buying a house is everyone’s dream, it is a difficult financial decision to make. Buyers often consult many people and end up being [...]


Deepak Kapoor on Home Buyers Stepping in to bail out stressed projects

Home buyers are increasingly resorting to bailing out stuck real estate projects which the developers are unable to deliver for want of fund [...]


Metro Line from Greater Noida in talks

While the people in Noida have already been rejoicing with the news of Jewar Airport underway, there’s yet another reason for them to chee [...]


Lighting Ideas For Your New Home

While moving into your new home or renovating your current one, your choice of lighting and home decor can make or break the whole appearanc [...]

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