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We Are Thrilled To Have You!

At Gulshan, we don't just open homes for you, we open our hearts and accept you as a part of our ever-growing incredibly huge family of homeowners. It's an honor to have you, as we stand and abide by our commitment to offer you a haven of love, laughter, and joy that you dreamed of.
We hope that this beautiful new beginning and home meets and greets your needs and aspirations.

Welcome To An Incredible Life

Welcome To #LifeAtGulshan


Home Konnect is Gulshan Homes’ flagship programme that aims to create a holistic and enriching community of like-minded people. It isan enlightening pursuit of encouraging like minds to unite and nurture their passions in the light of learning and educating a fresh perspective on life. It aims to incite the idea of community living and personal development, as the numerous activities and initiatives craft an endeavoring platform to study something new or hone an existing skill.

Through an arrangement of group activities for all age groups, conducted on a daily basis, it helps inspire residents to socially interact and get to know each other better, turning neighbors into friends. And within months of being launched, Home Konnect was able to connect with thousands of people across the societies of Gulshan Homes, enabling residents to embrace and exercise positive approach
towards imprinting eco-friendly footsteps as a collective community.

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