Our Pillars

The far sighted visionary. The leader who leads by example. And our friend, philosopher, guide.

Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, The Founder of Gulshan Homz Pvt.Ltd. has come a long way from constructing luxurious bungalows, to creating living landmarks in The Group Housing Sector. With his immaculate planning, flawless business skills and management strategies, he has managed to build Gulshan Homz as one of the top emerging companies in Real Estate sector in North India. A compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to bringing world-class and luxurious living to millions of people.His acts of leading by example inspires one and all at Gulshan Homz to deliver the organizations promise of extreme comfort and luxury to its customers.

A philanthropist in nature, he incorporates honesty and ethicality in his working style, which is a proof of personal and professional integrity. He believes in consistently treating all people fairly, delivering on promises, and taking personal responsibility for the actions of him and his team. Respected by his entire team and appreciated by all the clients, his mantra has been to identify the need of the customers, and to fill the gap using a stretch of innovation, technology and commitment.

Mr.Nagpal believes in over whelming his clients with their deliverables by constantly providing delectable after-sale service, making the post-possession experience profoundly memorable.

With his eye for minute details and a strong vision, he has taken the living standard and lifestyle of the serving regions to the next level, completing over two decades in the luxury housing segment. "Today we are shaping the buildings, so they can shape our tomorrow!", he quotes.

A visionary and passionate person Mr. Nagpal believes that there is "no substitute for passion". With his philosophy and dynamic leadership, he is taking Gulshan Homz to achieving new milestones leaving no stones unturned.

Deepak Kapoor
Yukti Nagpal

Dedicated Team

Ultimately it is the people who are the real strength behind any organization, since behind each machine there is a man who runs it. The driving force at the Gulshan Homz is its skilled and result-driven workforce. Our stalwarts are the high professionals and masters of their own field.

Laying utmost importance on our human resource and an emphasis on grand thinking, everyone at Gulshan Homz sets their goals to coincide with the overall mission and vision of the company - this help us a great deal in becoming an enviable team.